Are you struggling to generate sales, or to lead others effectively?

Are you a career-oriented professional who is responsible for sales in your organization? Or…do you supervise others and oversee company initiatives requiring exceptional leadership skills? You may be a small business owner…or a corporate employee in a larger organization. You may be a salesperson or a manager. The key is: you want to generate more sales. You want to effectively lead others to achieve company goals.

Hi, I’m Joanne Estes, founder and CEO of Vision Quest. And yes, there are better, more successful ways to generate sales. And yes, there are better and more successful ways to lead others. If you want to sell more or achieve greater results through others, you have come to the right place.

Vision Quest has two divisions to serve you. Our Sales site addresses your sales needs. Our Leadership site addresses your leadership needs. Please enter the site below that addresses your specific need.


Are you struggling to acquire new
business or grow existing business?

Is it becoming more and more difficult to maintain profit margins in the face of competitor-driven discounts? Do you wish you could sell more… in less time and with less effort?

Vision Quest can help…
Powerful Proven Sales Strategies

Is it “challenging” to achieve expected, measurable results through others?

Does your team embrace accountability? Do you wish others were more flexible and more adaptable? Is it difficult, at times, to keep everyone on track and motivated to do their best?

Pursue your success,
achieve your vision...
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